Main rules:
The objects on the screen open links related to the object that you click: productions or original French sites. Click when your mouse is turned into a hand.

The educational P open an interactivity developed by Maison de Quartier on the elements of the corresponding page. You can correct, print your exercise or send it by e-mail, for example to a teacher.

the glasses function deactivates the Internet links and transforms each page of Maison de Quartier into a lexicon page: by clicking the objects which you see, you can read the spelling and hear the pronunciation.

La réception - The reception

The character with the white T-shirt explains you briefly how to use .

The map of France is Interactive.
It offers links to the French train transport company, S.N.C.F.(one line booking), a link to the foreign student in France official guide (structure of the education, practical information, etc. in French and in English) and a selection of links towards French cities: the links are classified in three categories: tourism / to work / to study.


The calendar proposes an indicative program of original French radios broadcasting on Internet : discussions, information and music (only live, no archived programs).

The phone booth offers you the services of the official French telephone numbers search engine:
Search with a name or an address or a sector of activity (for the companies). You find addresses, photos, situation on town maps and links towards Web sites (for companies).


The educational P of the reception is an Internet Rally : built an interactive form leading you, bit by bit, to draw up a plan and a budget of journey in France by using original Internet sites.


La cuisine - The kitchen

The refrigerator
You find in the refrigerator an important illustrated food lexicon: vegetables, fruits, meats etc.



The recipe book
Personal well being begins with food well being. A tasty dish, a coloured table bring this cheerful touch in the day.


Maison de Quartier offers a French lexicon of the main terms employed in French cooking and that you will find in most receipts. Furthermore, every month, Maison de Quartier presents a different type of food popular in France.



The educational P. proposes an educational exploitation of an Internet site related to the topic of the month: questionnaires and / or blank texts on audio or video documents of original French partner sites.

Finnish version only :
The plane ticket on the table.
By clicking the ticket you enter on a Suomen Matkatoimisto's exclusive page presenting all their journeys and flights offers to France.


Le salon - The lounge

Click the newspaper and you find a selection of the main French newspapers publishing free content on the web.



Click the television and you find a selection of original French T.V. channels: Watch via WEB life in France.
All the channels propose a large variety of à la carte programs.

Click the video recorder and you find a selection of French movies classified by director's name. You can order on-line in DVD, with our partner FNAC.


Click fashion magazines and you find a selection of the main French woman's magazines publishing free content on the web.


La salle de classe - The classroom

The classroom offers a complete method to learn French on-line. Every month we enrich the method of new lessons or new exercises. The lessons offer grammatical explanations in your language and numerous practical examples translated into your language. You can as well listen to all the examples and have access to a lexicon for every lesson. The exercises are interactive: you can test your answers, be corrected on-line and of course listen to all the sentences.
Our approach is both structural and practical.
To see how to enter the method: student guide.
For the teachers who wish to use our platform check our teacher's guide (in French only), we explain our philosophy of language learning and propose course structure : our practical approach.
You will find as well links to our educational partners as the International Federation of French Teachers.


La salle de musique - The music room

LPs rack
Every month, offers you to discover a new contemporary French artist.
rock, funk, rap, chanson, world, there is for all tastes.
Maison de Quartier proposes a biography of the band with a lexicon for the difficult words, and an interactive educational exploitation of the Internet site of the band.
Most of the bands we select have interactive and original sites proposing more bibliographic information, mp3, texts of songs and video clips. You can as well with our partner FNAC, buy on-line the albums ( cd / lp ) of the artists.




The mixing board gives you the possibility of mixing, on-line, B-sides (instrumentals) of French rap artists.
You find, as well, links to official sites of the artists.
All these sites offer Mp3, musical videos, biographies and novelties about the artists. You can,as well, buy on-line the albums ( cd / lp ) of the artists with our partner FNAC.




La FNAC is the reference on sales of cultural products in France, their Internet site, besides presenting you the most complete French music catalogue on the WEB, offers you the possibility of listening to extracts of all the albums and all the songs. Maison de Quartier proposes you an extract of the on-line terms of sale translated in your language. Nevertheless our translation has only a informative and not contractual value.


Le cinéma - The cinema

Maison de Quartier presents every month new French films.
All of the movie sites offer synopsis, actors' biography, trailers from the movie, photos etc.

… At the same time proposes an educational exploitation of the movie's site: questionnaires of observation and / or Texts with holes on original video extracts.

You can, as well, buy movies on-line in DVD with our partner .


L'atelier d'écriture - The creative writing club

Click the board and you open a page offering different structural exercises to practise writing and approach literature under an entertaining and productive angle.
You can listen to most of the literature texts which we take as examples, and you find numerous resources to understand literature, simply:
- ready to use exercises, to realise alone or in groups.
- exercises adapted for all the levels with numerous examples of realisations with groups of various levels.



By clicking the bookshelf you enter one of the biggest on-line numeric libraries: the National Library of France. You can read, download and print, free of charge and legally, all the works of France's classic writers (until the beginning of the XX th century .
Furthermore you will find interesting thematic files.



La salle des enfants - The children's room

The poster opens a mini-site presenting various comic strips or French popular cartoons, generally unknown abroad. When it is possible you find a video extract, a karaoke and an educational exploitation.


By clicking the games boxes you open links to sites of kid's games on Internet: puzzle, chase etc. in a French environment. These games are mainly intended for the children of less than 10 years.


La galerie - The Gallery

By clicking our animated paintings you open links towards the biggest French national museums (Louvre, Museum D'Orsay etc.). The sites of these museums offer enormous free documentary ressources, as well as virtual visits.
Maison de Quartier proposes educationnal exploitation of these sites.


La cave - The cellar

Finland only

You find in the cellar a French / Finnish lexicon of terms of oenology, with a presentation of our sponsor PrFinland's catalogue : tasting advice, origin, links to oenology French sites…


Les WC - The WC

Pass the mouse on the wall of the WC, you'll find numerous quotations and maxims of French authors.


Les radios - The radios


Everywhere in the house, radios open you a thematic à la carte program (music / literature / information etc.)



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